40k Books Uncategorized Scott Westerfeld – Uglies / or Ugliest?

Scott Westerfeld – Uglies / or Ugliest?

Scott Westerfeld - Uglies / or Ugliest?

Tally Youngblood was about to turn sixteen, and she couldn’t wait for it. In Tally’s world, the age of sixteen meant the change from ugly to beautiful. By becoming beautiful, she will enter a high-tech world that offers a life of fun. Only a few weeks left, Tally would enter that world.

Scott Westerfeld - Uglies / or Ugliest?

But he meets Shay, an ugly fellow, who isn’t sure he wants to turn into a beauty. As Shay escapes, Tally learns a fact from the beautiful world—which is shocking and turns out to be not as pretty as she looks.

Tally was in the worst situation she could have ever imagined: betraying her own friend or not turning into a good-looking one at all. Tally’s choice will change her world forever.

How Tally Begins Her Journey?

All the ugly people in Uglyville had to wait until they were 16 before they were finally transformed into good looks. Physically, they would look absolutely perfect. Beautiful eyes, charming smile, smooth and clean skin, symmetrical face shape and various other changes. What is certain is that turning into beautiful means many things. Being beautiful will have a positive impact on anyone. That’s what they believe.

The problem is waiting for that change to happen is excruciating. Even when it was only three months away. As experienced by Tally Youngblood. Actually he wasn’t this nervous back then, when Peris, his childhood best friend, still lived in Uglyville and hadn’t had surgery. However, once Peris became part of the Beautiful City, Tally found her days to be very boring and worst of all she felt really lonely. Imagining daily conversations with Peris would only drive him crazy. That’s why one night, Tally was determined to infiltrate Handsome Town to meet Peris.

Scott Westerfeld - Uglies / or Ugliest?

Infiltrating the city where the Beauty lived had actually been done often with Peris. So don’t be surprised if he can easily cross from Uglyville to Handsome City without being caught. But when he decides to return to the dormitory, Tally gets into a bit of a problem. Luckily he met Shay, an ugly girl and also often secretly visited the City of Beauty.

In no time, Tally and Shay became very close. They do a lot of fun things. Tally learns how to ride a Hoverboard and modify it. He really enjoyed every time they spent together. He hoped all of this would last even when the surgery was over. Unfortunately his hopes never came true. Because it turns out that Shay refuses to be beautiful.

Tally Choose To Remain the Most Beautiful

From Shay, he knew there were a lot of people out there who refused surgery and decided to be ugly forever. They fled and settled in Smoke. Shay would do the same and hoped Tally would come with him. Unfortunately Tally decided to stay and be beautiful.

The sadness of losing Shay lingered even on the day he had been waiting for so long. But it wasn’t a big day for Tally. Because there is no operation at all. Unless he revealed all he knew about the runaway beasts. Tally must choose one, break her promise to Shay or be ugly forever.

Scott Westerfeld - Uglies / or Ugliest?

Exciting, that’s the word I chose to describe the entire contents of this novel. From a city setting with a very strange concept, a gloomy past history and of course the technology used. The word Hoverboard is a word that caught my attention and became a trigger to continue reading this book to the end. If you’ve ever watched Back to The Future III, the thing that looks like a skateboard is certainly no stranger. I thought about when Marty McFly was at the same time as Tally.

The idea of ​​plastic surgery to be beautiful, the reasons for the people who hold the power to keep everything on the rails they have set and the various secrets behind it are also the main attraction in this book. Can’t wait to read the continuation of this book.

From wikipedia, 20th Century Fox adapted this novel to the big screen and is planned to be released next year. I hope the results are cool.

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