40k Books Twilight Popular Novel : Twilight By Stephenie Meyer

Popular Novel : Twilight By Stephenie Meyer

Popular Novel : Twilight By Stephenie Meyer

My brow furrowed slightly when I saw this book. My eyes searched for the one thing I usually find on the cover of a translated book. There is no Indonesian title for Twilight.

There are actually many translated books that also keep the original title. Until now, I have not found a reason why the people involved in publishing the book decided to do these things.

Popular Novel : Twilight By Stephenie Meyer

For some books, there may be no problem translating literally. But not with this Twilight word. Although it has been used as the title of several books, I never really understood its meaning. Oxford – Advanced Learner’s Dictionary is an option to help overcome my lack of vocabulary.

Noun: The fait light or the period of time at the end of the day after the sun has gone down

At least the explanation above gives a little overview of the contents of the book and is enough to get my attention to devour it as quickly as possible.

It is not easy to leave something that has been a part of his life for years. But Isabella Swan (Bella) has strong reasons when she finally decides to leave her mother, Renee, and move to Forks, a small town on the Olympic Peninsula in northwest Washington. In that city, Bella will live with her father, Charlie.

Adapting to a new environment was not Bella’s forte. Even to get used to her father, Bella still felt awkward. Especially when starting his first day at Forks High. His introverted attitude made him not have many friends. But it was not a big problem for him.

Chronology Of The Twilight Books

Mike, Erik, and Jesicca were the students he recognized in every class he attended on the first day. There were a number of other students whose names Bella immediately forgot as soon as they finished mentioning them.

But among the hundreds of Forks High School students who stared at him in amazement, there were five people who didn’t even seem to care about Bella’s presence as a new kid. Edward, Emmett, and Alice Cullen and Rosalie and Jasper Hale, as Jessica called them. Through Jessica, too, Bella learns that they all live in the same house and seem inseparable. Not even one of them had any intention of going to the trouble of joining the other disciples. Bella admitted that Edward Cullen really caught her attention.

Popular Novel : Twilight By Stephenie Meyer

Unfortunately, the first impression he got in biology class was not what he wanted. Even out of the corner of his eye, Edward looked terrifying. Especially when he saw the hatred in Edward’s eyes and the attitude of his body that seemed to be trying to get away from him. Bella lost hope.

But days passed, and Bella finally had a chance to talk to a mysterious and very charming boy. It didn’t take long to realize that everything about Edward was captivating. From her pale white skin, a pair of golden eyes, to her melodious voice. What’s worse, his heart beat very fast as Edward approached.

There was nothing strange that Bella felt until one morning with an incident that almost took her life. Bella began to realize that there was something strange about Edward. A mystery enveloped Edward, which he, unfortunately, did not understand. One by one, the theory was compiled by Bella. This also strengthens the relationship between the two, without ever realizing that there is a danger that threatens. Unfortunately, all of that is covered by the feeling that Bella believes is love. Love is deep and unconditional.

What Makes Twilight Special From The Other?

An interesting story. Twilight gives something different to teen novels that have been flooded with almost the same theme for the past few years. It’s no wonder that the book, which was first published in 2005, has won several awards. Although perhaps what the judges saw was different from mine.

Well, some characters like Edward are clearly depicted. Unfortunately, Bella, as the central character, does not get the same portion. So, I raise a few questions.

Popular Novel : Twilight By Stephenie Meyer

The dialogues in it also easily bring my thoughts into it. Even had time to cause a little jealousy and feel that life is really – really unfair. In the middle of the story, this book reminded me of the Fear Street series, which was booming before being replaced by a series of teenagers.

From Wikipedia and a number of forums discussing this book, it turns out that there is still another book that will tell the next story of Bella and Edward. Unfortunately, there is no information that is usually kept at the end.

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